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Nuts. The understated, underrated, sometimes hard to crack but the ever so humble nut. 


Here at The Cluster Club, we have undressed these delectable delights to produce deliciously healthy snacks. We treat these little beauties like the precious jewels they are as we carefully retreat the nutty little pearls from their shells.


Our story, like many genius culinary inventions started in our family kitchen and the brains behind this delicious snack - the mother.  Just as family heirlooms go, the recipe was passed from mum to son and therein lies the creation of ‘The Cluster Club’. 

In and amongst my fitness journey, nutrition played a key role and everything I consumed had to entail benefits for my body and my brain. Every ingredient in our clusters were carefully researched to achieve optimum health benefits without compromising on taste and for someone who has eaten more than my fair share of protein snacks, the last thing I wanted to create was something that tasted like chalk or looked like a regurgitated lump. With the addition of just the right amount and type of chocolate, my mum had definitely created a match made in heaven - the foundation to allow me to create a variety of flavours with flair. 

The Cluster Club